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Aurélie’s accent is very charming

I raise my head to broadcast my objection

Barbara Ann, Yes She Can!!
2 September 1987
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Wir Sind Aurélie Icons

Who I am About this journal What I like
Barbara Ann Siemens. I live in Eugene, Oregon. I am a history major, and a German minor at the University of Oregon. I am also in the Univeristy of Oregon Marching Band. I spend far more time on icons than school work, and my grades reflect that. I mostly make icons for icontests. Every once in a while I will make a set of icons just for the hell of it, and at this point you know my homework is not getting done.I have been making icons since high school... I think I started about five years ago. I didn't become good at it until recently, though, which is why I decided to make this journal and not flood my f-list with icons they don't really care about.

You can visit my myspace, or look me up on facebook if you are extremely interested. Not that kind of interested though, I have a boyfriend.

This is my icon journal. My personal Journal is darthweez.


See the bottom of the page for information on crediting. I do really like it when you credit. Also, if you take something it would be nice if you would tell me in a comment. This is not required, it's just to stroke my ego.

As far as style goes, I love using negative space. For me, it's all about negative space and cropping. Texture is fun too. I also am more fond of hush icons than text ones. Most of my icons are hush stills with lots of negative space. I am also known to make funny icons as well (well, I think they're funny)

Thank you to peacefully, she has some awesome screencaps that are otherwise impossible to find.
My resources can be found here.</b>
I ship Andre and Tim Gunn. Project Runway, Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Musicals, D&D, Wir Sind Helden, Don Bluth cartoons, Peter Pan (the book), OMB, Clone High, Natalie Dee, They Might Be Giants, REM, The Aquabats, Blondie, Pat Benatar, Wise Guys, Buffy the Vamprire Slayer (both the show and the movie), The Lord of the Rings, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Politics, Narnia, chronic, Exercise (I LOVE going to the gym), meine Oma, Graphics, X-Files, Santino Rice, NaNoWriMo, Post Secret, Savage Love, CAPS, atnw
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